Indiana Jones Meets Lara Croft


What do Super Meat Boy, the swimming level of TMNT on the NES, Super Hexagon and Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3 all have in common?
Answer: They are all rock hard. And soon enough you'll be adding Spelunky in that list above.

Its a fairly simple game where the primary goal is to get to the bottom of the level and through the door to the next section, 4 sections per level, and 4 levels in the game to get to the ending.
Or so you think as there are hidden sections throughout the game where you require certain objects to get to these sections. but I wont give too much away there.

Each time you play the game the levels are randomly generated. So where you can get to level 2 on one run through you might only get to 1-2 the next go you have.

There's plenty of ways to die. but they are all your fault, and all very stupid mistakes which makes you go back to the game over and over again thinking "I wont do that again" only to be fooled again.

I think its a must purchase and occasionally turns up on steam in a sale if you're a PC gamer.
9 / 10
Reviewed By UKGN Pad
on Thursday 6th February 2014

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Many all nighters on the Xbox 360 version with Teamfocus drinking kopperberg. and play the PC version every day for the Daily challenge. Got all achievements on the 360
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4th July 2012