A game that really doesn't hide in the shadows! (Did you see what I did there?)


Contrast is a noir style puzzle game, which is visually very appealing.
You control Dawn who is Didi's imaginary friend (incidentally you also happen to be an acrobat!). The game has an unusual style of gameplay which involves you shifting between the real world and the shadow world which adds a nice twist to some of the puzzles, making them more complex than they first appear to be.
One aspect of the game that I particularly enjoyed, was the complete lack of enemies which is unusual in more recent 3rd person games, which have often used enemies to increase the challenge level of the game. In Contrast the developers have opted for more intricate puzzles as a way of challenging the player.
The game consists of 3 acts which lead you through a story centring on Didi's family. Interestingly the only other person you see in the game is Didi. Everyone else in the game appears as a shadow which only serves to further enhance the mystical aura that pervades through the design. This quality is further enriched by the haunting jazz melody that forms the backing track.
If I were forced to find fault I would say that at times the controls could be a little skittish, meaning that you would sometimes jump further than intended, but with practise and patience it was more than possible to overcome these difficulties. If you did make a mistake the game only re-spawned you a few moments before the error, eliminating the need to replay entire levels, a feature for which I was frequently grateful!
I was genuinely sad when I finished playing this game, I could quite happily have played it for many more hours had there been further acts. I can see it has real potential for a sequel.
If you enjoy puzzle games then I would strongly recommend this game to you. If, however, you enjoy more aggressive gameplay (and therefore like enemies) then this is not going to be your game of choice. I personally loved it.
8 / 10
Reviewed By UKGN Heti
on Thursday 21st August 2014

About the Review

I have completed the story and also obtained 100% of the achievements on this game. I am now on my second play through just for the fun of it!
Microsoft Xbox One
Compulsion Games
Focus Home Interactive
26th June 2014