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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate hits the UK (FINALLY!!!)

But what makes this game worth buying for Monster Hunter fans old or new??

Well to start with gamers this Monster Hunter is not just the run of the mill throw the old monsters in the game and see if we can make a profit type deal this Monster Hunter game starts off fresh and holds a story line that even I have not completed yet (considering ive been playing this game for over a week now).

So what is new??

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes with a new shiny (YES SHINY!!!) weapon called the Insect Glaive which is a long staff that has a insect on one end, which can be fired at the target monster and will cause status or element damage depending on how you level that insect up (requires materials for this) aside from the insect levelling up the staff upgrades too using different bug and other materials.

So you are getting sick of Monsters jumping on you?? take revenge into your own hands and rodeo those monsters into the dirt. you heard me right there you can now jump on monsters backs using a ledge of insect glaive to get on their backs and stab them with the sharp end of your hunting knife.

now here is the part you wont like:

apart from a fancy new weapon type and get on monsters backs there are of course new monsters such as the Gore Magala now this monster is no push over and will be the bane of your hunting days until you learn how to use the terrible virus status it put on you against it.

Now telling you more about this Virus status will spoil the story and lets be honest I am not like that.

But...................................................... you will have help from cats yes i said cats.

Well Palicoes to be correct and these little guys are not here to serve food they are here to serve some well deserved pay back on the monsters you face and some monsters that you don't face :)

Game play and Environment:

Monster hunter 4 ultimate supports the C pad feature and on the NEW 3DS this is perfect because there is no need for the chunky attachment, the area effects are beautiful (sometimes deadly because I forget to look up haha).

Graphics wise Monster Hunter has always focused more on game play and Hunts but this time it feels like its had a major upgrade so no bad points there.

To be 100% honest there is nothing bad about this Monster Hunter and i would say this is a must buy for any Monster Hunter Fan or even New comers.
8 / 10
Reviewed By Navi
on Monday 2nd March 2015

About the Review

I have spent a week on this game and have only made a tiny dent in it this solo play is massive and so it the online I can only imagine what horrors await me
Nintendo 3DS
13th February 2015