Mario Party 10

Ain't no party like a Mario Party


In the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser has always been the party pooper. If someone's celebrating a birthday, or having an impromptu garden party, you can bet he'll turn up, uninvited, and whisk away the Princess to a far off castle, forcing Mario to leap into action. It's a natural progression then, that for this 10th edition of Nintendo's long-running virtual boardgame series, he's once again cast as the ultimate unwanted guest.

Mario Party 10 plays exactly like you'd expect: four players choose a character and then take it in turns to roll a dice and move around a themed board. These boards are set in familiar Mushroom Kingdom locations and contain all manner of special squares and secrets. The big difference this time comes in the Bowser Party mode, where the players work as a team to get as far away from Bowser as they can before he gives chase across the board. If he catches up, a mini-game ensues where the players battle to stay in the game.

Playing against a CPU controlled Bowser soon becomes pretty annoying as its virtually impossible to avoid him catching you. However, any human player can choose to play as Bowser instead and, like Nintendoland, they get to play using the gamepad while everyone else looks at the TV. It's even quite good fun to play single player as Bowser too.

There's a regular Mario Party mode too. Bowser is still present in this mode but he begins the game behind bars and is only set free when one of each number has been rolled on the dice. Should he catch up in this game, however, you don't get a mini-game but a randomised punishment instead. Like the loss of stars or having a special dice taken away. It's not massively different to the Bowser Party option but at least offers a different way to play.

Like all Mario Party games though, any fun you have in only in small doses and the quality of the mini-games varies wildly. Some are great fun while others you can barely remember as soon as they finish. A single game takes around 30 minutes and when it's over you'll want to switch off and play something else. These have always been the type of game that only comes out when you have friends around and this one is no different.
5 / 10
Reviewed By Zoidberg
on Thursday 11th June 2015

About the Review

Played a full party game on each of the standard boards with different combinations of human and CPU players.
Nintendo Wii U
20th March 2015