Wii Music

Let's try to forget about E3 now, shall we?


Five minutes with Wii Music and it’s clear that many many hours of practice will be required to reach the level that Shigeru Miyamoto and friends reached for their unforgettable rendition of the Super Mario theme. If you were witness to this impromptu concert at this year’s E3 you’ll know that didn’t even sound that great, but this isn’t about how good you are, rather how much fun you can have trying. For a limited amount of time at least, that’s quite a bit.

As you are probably aware, Wii Music is all about playing various instruments by how you wave around the remote and nunchuk. There are four main styles of play that have you holding the controllers to mimic a trumpet, guitar, drums or violin. These will allow you to play the 60 different instruments on offer. The guitar and violin styles are a little inconsistent but trumpet and drums are fantastic fun. The latter of these even allows you to turn on the Wii balance board to replicate the foot pedal.

Unfortunately, after about an hour, when you’ve just finished your umpteenth rendition of “Daydream Believer”, the realisation that this is woefully thin on content hits home. While Nintendo have done a great job with the presentation and the controls, they have forgotten to attach a game to them and it is therefore impossible to recommend at full price.

Considering this was Nintendo’s big title for Christmas 2008, I now have serious reservations about the life of the Wii. It may still sell bucketloads of consoles but it’s been a year since Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy and there has been nothing of quality since. If 2009 is another year like this then Nintendo will have to go back to handhelds once more.

With a group of friends, Wii Music is enjoyable for a brief moment, but lack of content and structure means it fails to ever rise above novelty status.
5 / 10
Reviewed By Zoidberg
on Wednesday 5th February 2014

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Played for around 2 hours.
Nintendo Wii
14th November 2008