So Nero is back and he has brought some friends with him.

Devil may cry 4 has returned in the all new special edition with new graphics and the return of old friends and a old rival.

So to start with the graphics:

Devil May Cry 4 has had a massive improvements to every aspect of the game the characters looks down to the little details such as the back drop and scenery.

When you first press the start button it feels like a whole new experience from the bullets in slow motion to the details of the sparks that come off two swords clashing.

There are really not many words to put how amazing and Awesome the Levels, Bosses and characters looks.

New alternative clothing has been added so this not adds variety to the game, as seen on our Facebook page I did a little video playing as Virgil and dam I miss him in the game so much (Not going to spoil who else is in it yet).

Anything wrong with this game??

No and this is for one simple reason.

DMC (or the new devil may cry) did not live up to the expectations that I was hoping for, Devil may cry 4 was a perfect continuation of the series that had so much potential.
9 / 10
Reviewed By Navi
on Saturday 4th July 2015

About the Review

I have been a Devil May Cry fan since the early days and if capcom go back to making Devil May Cry the same way I would happily return to the series.
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23rd June 2015