Beyond: Two Souls

Dragons Lair meets Driver San Francisco in this supernatural story-em-up staring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe


Beyond: Two Souls is a tricky game to review. I say that because in terms of actual traditional gameplay there is none.

You play the role of Jodie Holmes (played by Ellen Page) who since birth has been attached to an 'entity' referred to in the game as Aiden. The game bounces around in non chronological order telling the story of Jodie's time with the Department of Paranormal Activity, her work with the CIA and few other spoilerific plots through a series of vignettes.

You primarily control Jodie through basic walking actions, with the odd flick of the analog stick to make her do a series of pointless tasks like drink, open a door or put cushions back on the couch. At times you take control of Aiden, which I found reminiscent of Driver: San Franciso. As Aiden you float around, able to go through some walls and generally "fuck shit up" like a poltergeist would.

The story isn't bad, but the constant jumping between time frames left me, at times, confused as to where I was and what I was doing there. There also seemed a rather pointless trip to the Navajo desert that had nothing to do with the main plot, and actually felt more like DLC injected into the main game.

The game has some replay value, because certain decisions you make throughout the game alter the story slightly. If you're a trophy chaser you're looking at 6-8 play through for the platinum. Graphics are of a high standard similar to that of Last of Us or L.A. Noire, sound is ample but the score which was co-produced by Hans Zimmer is sublime. But ultimately gameplay is practically none existent, and the story is better than most video game stories but that's not saying much.
6 / 10
Reviewed By Bolch
on Sunday 2nd February 2014

About the Review

I completed 1 playthrough, taking around 12-15 hours, during which time I collected 22 of the 46 trophies.
Sony Playstation 3
Quantic Dream
Sony Computer Entertainment
11th October 2013