Platforming with a funky twist


Knack is a fun platformer with a delightful protagonist. The character of Knack is unique in that you have to collect items throughout the game to make him bigger or give him different skills. This means his appearance changes regularly throughout the game. Graphically, I was really impressed with the game, every scene was crafted well and in way that made use of colour in a style that suited the target audience, which I felt was the younger gamer. The story was well developed with enough twists and turns to keep you engaged, although I did feel that it could have been brought to a close a few chapters earlier, but then I’d be daft to complain about getting extra levels!

The element I was most impressed with was the accompanying iOS/android app called Knack’s quest which is a three-in-a-row jewel game that you can use to unlock items which are then transferred to your main game on the PS4, these items are then used to construct gadgets which help in the game. This keeps you engaged with the game even when you aren’t at your PS4 and is a free App with no in app purchases so isn’t the money making exercise I cynically thought it might be when I first heard about it! It is possible to unlock all the gadgets without using the app so it also doesn’t put you at a disadvantage if you don’t have a smart phone, it just means you are going to be playing your PS4 for longer.

My biggest criticism of the game was that at the end of the chapters you often had to use all of the relics you had collected as you tried to make Knack big enough to fight the stronger enemies, to unlock a door or start a motor or something similar. This meant that at the start of the next chapter you were little knack again and had to go back to fighting little enemies like bugs etc. again. This got a bit repetitive and towards the end of the game got a bit demotivating as it felt like I wasn’t really getting any character development despite having ploughed hours into gameplay, there was almost a rage quit as a result of this at about chapter 10 but I kept going!

Overall it was a fun game with some unique qualities that make it great for young gamers but I was hoping for a bit more from it.
5 / 10
Reviewed By UKGN Heti
on Saturday 11th April 2015

About the Review

I have completed the main story but I do not have all the collectibles or trophies.
Sony Playstation 4
S.C.E. Japan Studio
Sony Computer Entertainment
15th November 2013