The Sexy Brutale

I'm not going to live by their rules anymore.


At heart, this is a little gem of a puzzle game. Not too hard but still has a challenge that can be overcome by following the rules the developers have set.
The premise is that all the guests at The Sexy Brutale Casino will be murdered before the night is over by the staff, and you have the power to turn back the clock and hopefully work out how to save them.

The Time Travel.
The rules are simple. You have 12 hours. Don't be seen by anyone alive in the mansion. Ghosts are very friendly here. It doesn't stop you from interacting with your environment, but that is where the puzzle begins. As the protagonist, you can move freely at any time, every other person, however, will follow a set path which will not change. By learning these patterns, finding out information will be vital to preventing each murder. The timing of the patterns is also a key element. There is a key use of sound that helps you determine what is happening in the day without breaking the emersion and forcing you to use menu screens. With abilities gained with each guest saved, the most useful being the ability to advance time, it can be frustrating that time can only be advanced to 4 pm and 8 pm with a lot of waiting for things to happen in between.
By following the victims and the perpetrators all the information can be attained, but if there is any doubt about what the next move should be, just click everything that can be clicked.

The Story.
Each of the victims has something to contribute to the lore of the casino, yet also adds to the mystery that is the host for this gathering, The Marquis.
Trying to prevent each murder also has its own small story, which never lets the puzzles become tedious. The biggest criticism of the whole game though has to be the twist near the end which just seemed unsatisfying after such an intriguing adventure.

The Art.
Tequila Works needs a special mention for their art style. Pleasant to look at, Cavalier Game Studios made an excellent choice with who to collaborate with.
6 / 10
Reviewed By Terru
on Wednesday 19th April 2017

About the Review

10 hours to achieve a Platinum Trophy. Glad I played it.
Sony Playstation 4
Cavalier Game Studios
Tequila Works
12th April 2017