Run Sackboy! Run!

Run away!


Sony have spent years searching long and hard for a mascot of their own. With the release of Little Big Planet in 2008 they introduced Sackboy, a character as recognisable as Mario with the games to match, he's even got his own kart racer! However, if he appears in more games like Run Sackboy, Run, he's in danger of having his time in the spotlight as short-lived as Spike from Ape Escape.

It's a free to play, endless runner – a genre that's almost as annoyingly ubiquitous in mobile gaming as Flappy Bird clones. Sackboy is being chased by what looks like a cardboard crocodile and must stay ahead by jumping over obstacles and collecting orbs. Get caught and it's game over where you get the chance to spend your orbs on power ups and costumes. There are only two controls, tap the screen to jump and swipe it to get a quick boost of speed. It's all very familiar but it looks and sounds as great as you'd expect from a Little Big Planet game.

A good free-to-play title will allow the player to progress at a reasonable pace without spending a penny, but here it's a tremendous grind even for cheapest items. For some reason there is no option for control via a button which I, personally, feel would have made the game more enjoyable. Touch screen controls are all well and good when there's no other option, like the original Android and iOS versions, but when you have buttons available, why not use them?

Perhaps the biggest problem of all, is that in Little Big Planet itself, we already have the creative tools to make an identical game many times over. You would feel a great deal more satisfaction playing it, if you had. On phones and tablets this is probably an acceptable game, but I expect a lot better on the Vita.

It's good that Sony released Run Sackboy, Run without fanfare as it means a lot of people probably don't even know of its existence. It will hopefully be forgotten in no time.
3 / 10
Reviewed By Zoidberg
on Monday 4th May 2015

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Played for around three hours and only managed to buy two additional costumes.
Sony Playstation Vita
Sony Computer Entertainment
1st April 2015